Our Branding Identities Process

What makes a great logo is in the process. Spending the right amount of time in their respective steps is a balance that can change from client to client. We aim to keep our system stable and consistent, with 10% of the allotted time always given to discovery. However timelines can change, and we are skilled and experienced to adapt to the challenge and create a successful identity.

Step 1: Research and Discovery

We start by researching our client's competitors, putting together a strategy, and developing a check-in schedule.

Step 2: Thumbnails

Once we've identified the competitors and have our strategy in place, we begin the first round of sketches.

Step 3: Chosen Concepts

We take the chosen rough thumbnails and develop a series of tightened concepts.

Step 4: Finalize and Vector

After a final concept is chosen, we move to digital and create the logo with a selection of color schemes and typeface options.