Our Brand Strategy Process

The process of a brand strategy varies from company to company. To truly define how your company can be successful in its brand rollout, we customize each strategy to fit your brand while following our design system as close as possible. Not every company is the same, so whether the strategy needs a logo, stationery, a new website, or an email campaign, we make sure we do enough research to understand your brand and discover where it could use a boost.

Step 1: Research and Discovery

We start by researching our client's competitors, putting together a strategy, and developing a check-in schedule.

Step 2: Define Projects

We define the projects needed to complete the brand strategy. Once approved, we develop a schedule for the listed projects.

Step 3: Analyze and Iterate

If the projects are not meeting the checkpoints desired numbers or return rate, we iterate next steps to ensure a successful campaign.

Step 4: Review

After the campaign is completed, we review the campaign's success rate with our target numbers and internally discuss how to raise the bar.