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Branding is Everything

Branding is a process. It involves research and developing materials into something distinctive. Why do you need it? Well, that’s simple; it’s your identity.

For most of us, identity is everything. Branding agency Denver is the small firm known as A New Design Co. This boutique firm led by Nick Newhart is agile and on the cutting edge of branding.

As we touched on earlier, branding is a process. It is iterative and demands deep insight into a business and its customers. Branding agency Denver goes beyond A New Design Co., it is a movement.

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The numbers support the investment in branding agency Denver. According to a global Nielsen survey, 60% of shoppers buy from brands they know. According to the survey, 21% said they made their purchase because they liked the brand.

There are many parts to solving the branding puzzle. Typically, after we develop a brand, we put effort into building brand awareness. Brand awareness is how familiar people are with your brand.

If the public, especially your target market, don’t know who you are, they cannot buy from you. At A New Design Co., branding agency Denver, we begin our engagement with development. We either create a new brand or re-brand your company.

We can provide professional marketing advisory to build your brand awareness and manage your brand in all channels.