Our Graphic Design Process

Graphic Design is 30% conceptual thinking, 30% designing, and 40% production and delivery. Our Denver-based design studio is focused on ensuring that the quality of the print or digital output matches the quality of the work attached to the email. Our process is designed to inhibit work from falling short in the production stages from lack of information or care.

Step 1: Project Identification

We do a quick search on competing designs and styles in the projects industry and make sure we can handle the project.

Step 2: Concept Mockups

A series of mockups and designs are created to fit the project description, internally reviewed for any mistakes before sending.

Step 3: Finalize Concepts

The chosen concept is tightened up and looked at closely for any possible mistakes or errors. Any specific print or digital needs are applied.

Step 4: Production

If possible, we communicate with the printer or digital display company to ensure a successful process. After production, we thoroughly examine the final work.