Brand Identity & Strategy

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The icon symbolizes a box, a download symbol, and a layers symbol to portray the functions of the app.

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"Work outside the box," is the tagline to convey working outside of a cubical. The box is in the negative space of the icon.

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UX / UI App Design

Through UX research and conducting a series of interviews, I discovered the key elements to freelancing were communication, file transfer, and payment.

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I wanted to develop an app that could be an all-inclusive space for freelancers and clients to communicate, share info, upload work, and track payment.

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We discovered that the app doesn't work without two sides of the conversation, so we developed the app to include two slightly different interfaces depending on the user - freelancer or client.

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Lancer makes it possible to work remotely without needing to swap between multiple apps or programs in order to work effectively.

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