Brand Identity & Strategy

Magnus is a cannabis concentrates brand specializing in wax, live resin, and cartridges.

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Magnus Logo Bones uai
Magnus Logo 001 uai

Our first step was to create the logo and branding. We focused on readability and its application to size for packaging.

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Packaging & Marketing

For the packaging, we differentiated the products with color and style. Using smoke/ink effects, we created a specific type of color element for each of the products.

Packaging Mockup uai
Magnus Packaging Shatter uai
Magnus Packaging LiveResin uai
Magnus Packaging Wax uai

Watch the branding promo video!

We teamed up with Don Hales Photography of Raw Studios to create some posters and marketing materials. We decided on a modern noir theme for photography.

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Noir1 uai
Noir3 uai
MagnusAd 002 uai
MagnusAd 003 uai
MagnusAd 001 uai
MagnusAd 004 uai
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To match the noir theme, we then illustrated art deco-themed t-shirts, posters, and flyers.

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ArtPoster2 uai
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TShirts uai

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