Industry: Technology

NEC NSS is a national government security systems agency that uses innovative and fully-integrated technological solutions to protect the security and safety of the United States. We were hired to create the logo, branding, and web design utilizing UX/UI.


  • Brand Identity & Strategy
  • Web Design
  • UX/UI

Animation 003

Brand Identity & Strategy

Mockup 011 uai
NSS Logo ConceptSketch uai
NSS Logo TightenedSketch uai
NSS Logo Finalized uai

In the discovery phase, we focused on keywords verify, analyze, and secure and created a series of quick sketches.

logo design denver
NSS Logo Mockup 002 1 uai
NSS Logo Mockup 1 uai
Animation 004
Animation 002

We broke down the chosen initial sketches into 16 tightened sketches - 4 for each chosen sketched concept.

Mockup 003 uai
Mockup 004 uai
Mockup 005 uai
Mockup 007 uai

After the logo was finalized and vectored, we created their new UX/UI backed web design to replace their old one.

Mockup 010 uai

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